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Forwarding in ports

Forwarding of cargoes in sea and river ports

Forwarding of containers

Our services for forwarding of cargoes in containers:

  • disbanding of cargo from container (reload) - transshipment of cargo from container in truck or rail wagon;
  • stuffing of container - loading of cargo into container;
  • loading / unloading of containers on sea, rail or truck transport;
  • correct issued of transport and shipping documents;
  • clearance of containers in port;
  • consolidation and accumulation containers in port;
  • survey services;
  • insurance;
  • customs clearance and others.

We provide forwarding of containers in Odessa, Ilyichevsk (Chernomorsk), Yuzhny, Izmail, Reni, Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and other ports.

Forwarding of bulk cargoes

Service for forwarding of bulk cargoes in sea and river ports:

  • coordination and calculation cost of optimal sea or river port for transhipment your goods;
  • loading and unloading of goods in vehicle (truck / rail wagon);
  • loading cargo on vessel;
  • accumulation, consolidation, warehousing and storage of bulk cargo;
  • direct transshipment option cargo on vessel (without unloading at terminal);
  • fumigation;
  • forwarding services in port;
  • insurance;
  • correct issued of transport and shipping documents;
  • survey services;
  • customs clearance and others.

We forwarding next cargoes in ports – grain and oil crops, timber and lumber, fertilizers, textile materials, paper products, metal products, equipments and technics, building materials, consumer goods, bulk, general, oversized, heavy, liquid cargo and other.

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