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Textile materials and products

Transportation of textile and leather products

We arrange delivery of the textile and leather products and materials to Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries:

  • natural textiles – bamboo, cotton, jute, flax, coconut fiber and wood pulp, seaweed, wool, silk;
  • artificial textiles – viscose, acetate;
  • synthetic textiles – spandex, polyester, nylon, acrylic, olefin, satin, lycra, denim, nylon, polyester, vinol, nitron, chlorine, etc.;
  • mineral textiles – asbestos, basalt, metal and glass fiber;
  • fabrics – satin, cotton, linen, lining, vesting, coating, viscose, whipcord , denim, wool, woven , pastel, silk, suiting, cord, belt, conveyor, filter, calico, gauze, tapestry, teak, dress, packaging, coarse, carpet;
  • woven fabrics made of natural, artificial and synthetic knitted textiles;
  • twisted and braided (twinned) materials – thread, yarn, braid, soutache etc.

LaneMax offers services for transportation of textile and leather products:

LaneMax arranges the carriage of textile and leather products to / from Ukraine, China, USA, India, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, countries of Europe, CIS, South America, Africa, Asia, the Gulf and others.

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