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Equipments and machineries

International transportation equipments, machineries, machines and technics

Depending on classification and use machinery and equipment there exists the following equipment: banking, gas-welding and welding, hydraulic, mining and mineral processing, woodworking, for oil and gas extraction, for purification and processing, for service sectors, instrumentation, stone equipment, compressing, HVAC, industrial (production) lines and factories, labware, medical facilities, metalworking, pumping, working machinery such, handling, poligraphic (printing), for media, manufacturing, industrial, storehouse, machine tools, construction, heating, thermal, technological, commercial, packaging, clothing, filtration, electrical, electrical, etc.

The short list of the equipment and engineering we arrange transportation of: technical tools, motors, two-wheel tractor, parts for automobiles, industrial automatics, printing, machine tools, presses, transformers, tractors, cranes, boats, excavators (diggers, navvies), road construction machinery, loaders, mini-mills, snowmobiles, drilling rigs, bulldozers, tanks, boilers, steel structures etc.

LaneMax offers services for transportation of equipments, machineries, machines and engineering:

LaneMax execute carriage of equipments, machineries, machines and technics to / from Ukraine, China, USA, India, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, countries of Europe, CIS, South America, Africa, Asia, the Gulf and others.

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