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Building materials and tools

International transportation of building materials and tools

LaneMax arranges shipments and export import procedures for any building materials and tools:

  • coating materials – paint, enamel, dyestuff (stain, colorant), primer, solvent, varnish;
  • roofing materials – Onduline, roofing felt, steel roof (corrugated steel), euro roofing felt, slate, metal tiles (metal shingle), drain systems;
  • floor coatings (flooring material) – tiles, parquet, carpet flooring, baseboard, laminate,parquet boards, linoleum, heated floor, carpeting and special coatings;
  • wooden products – plywood, chipboard, OSB, boards, beams, edged board, lumber;
  • basic building material - breakstone, metal rolling, cement, grids, brick, haydite, sand, concrete, lime, reinforcement, solutions, polyethylene films;
  • decoration materials – plaster, filler, self-leveling floor, primer, glue, gypsum board, mixture, wallpaper, ceilings, sealants, film, PVC and acrylic siding panels;
  • bathroom/plumbing fixtures (sanitary ware) – drainage, pipes, faucets, wash basins, toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, boilers, radiators, columns, pumps, plumbing accessories and trifles;
  • building tools (hand tools) – brushes, rollers, saws, drills, fretsaw, electric hammer drills, electric screwdriver, dryers, grinding tools, planes, spatula, hammer, carpenter and measuring tools, concrete mixers, airbrush, welding machine, vises, chisel, screwdriver, consumables instrument, mixers;
  • doors, windows – interior and entrance doors, door fittings, glass, shutters, platband, frames, stairs, door hinges;
  • electrical appliances – switches, sockets, chandeliers, lamps, bulbs, cables, spotlights;
  • fixing material – anchors, chains, profile, bolts, screws, nails, hawser, nuts and others.

LaneMax offers services for transportation of building materials and hand tools:

LaneMax execute carriage of building materials and tools to / from Ukraine, China, USA, India, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, countries of Europe, CIS, South America, Africa, Asia, the Gulf and others.

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