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In Ukraine from 1 June to restrict the movement of trucks on public roads in the daytime

The state Agency of highways of Ukraine («Ukravtodor») from June 1, imposed restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles on Ukrainian roads for General use from 10:00 to 22:00 and when the air temperature is above 28C, reported the press service of «Ukravtodor».

«Since the beginning of summer the movement of vehicles with a total mass more than 24 tons with a load of 7 tons per axle when the air temperature is + 28C and above banned all Ukrainian roads of the state value. The ban will be in effect for the entire summer in the daytime from 10:00 to 22:00», — stated in the message.

Agency officials noted that such measures are necessary to ensure both the safety of drivers and preservation of Ukrainian roads.

«It is the high temperature and large load weight cause the greatest destruction of asphalt concrete pavement: on roads formed a rut, flows, landslides and other deformations», — stressed in the «Ukravtodor», adding that the total volume of losses, which cause an unscrupulous carriers annually is about 2.5-3 billion UAH.

The Agency also reminded that on October 21, 2015 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted resolution No. 869, which forbade the movement on highways of General use of state importance trucks weighing over 40 tons.

«Now for the control over observance by drivers of commercial vehicles weighing parameters on the Ukrainian roads are the territorial units «of Ukrtransagent and the National police with the involvement of 33 points gabaritno-weight control. If in the weighing of heavyweights identify violations, then the driver shall be fined in the amount of 40 tax-free minimum citizens (1 minimum is 680 USD), and carrier — 100 untaxed minimums of entrepreneurs (1 minimum is 1700 UAH)», — stated in the message.

Recall that in the framework of the joint plan of action «Ukrtransstroi», «Ukravtodor» and National police from may 10 this year in Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson areas are working additional groups of inspectors «Ukrtransstroi» for convenience of implementation gabaritno-weight control of vehicles on public roads.

According to the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, more than 30% of the vehicles moved on Ukrainian roads exceeded the weight standards.

According to the «Ukravtodor», the annual need for funding of roads in the country is estimated at least 60 billion USD.

Recall that in November last year the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has banned the movement of vehicles with an actual mass more than 40 tonnes and container ships of over 46 tons on roads of General use for the carriage of goods leaving.