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Types of vessels

Types and descriptions of sea and river vessels and ships

Dry-cargo ship

chartering dry-cargo ship

Dry-cargo ship - universal vessel for transportation of piece and project cargoes. They are equipped with cranes and arrows that enables loading and unloading produce in any port. The loading is performed in the hold and on the deck. Accept cargoes in boxes, in bags, in barrels, also separate places - metal products, equipments, machineries, including oversized and heavy. Different types of dry-cargo ships can be equipped refrigeration unit and shipping cargo under temperature control.

Tanker ship

Tanker ship sea

Tanker ship - specialized vessel for the transportation of liquid goods and liquefied gases. Сonstruction of single-deck vessel, where the cargo capacity - tanks (barrels). For added security from spills of cargo vessels are built with double sides and bottom. Many ships are equipped with a powerful pump and compressor stations. For For tankers belong: LNG ship - liquefied gas and chemical tankers - for the transport of liquid chemicals. With the development of the tanker fleet industry is developing steadily. Load capacity up to 400 000 tons.

Container ship

Container ship shipping

Container ship - highly specialized type of vessel for transportation of containers. Constructional hold and deck have a special cells - for containers. Cargo operations of loading and unloading are carried out on the container terminals. Capacity of vessels from 150 to 19,300 TEU. Container ships have maximum safety requirements for loading and placement of containers, speed of movement of vessels, operations loading and unloading in ports. Usually use on fixed route - sea container line.

Bulk ship

Bulk ship freight

Bulk ship are designed for sea / river transportation of bulk cargoes. This is usually a single-deck vessels with large hold. Most do not have cargo handling units and depend on the port facilities. Many of bulk ships have universal specialization freight transport, but there are highly specialized for shipping coal, grain, cement, ore carriers, etc. The size and capacity of bulk carriers are classified: Mini-bulkers (DWT up 10 000 tonnes), Handysize / Hendisayz (DWT 10 000-35 000 tonnes), Handymax and Supramax / Hendimaks and Supramaks (DWT 35 000-60 000 tonnes), Panamax and New Panamax / Panamax and New Panamax (DWT about 65 000 tonnes), Capesize / Kepsayz (DWT more 150 000 tonnes).

Ro-ro / Ferry

ролкер паром

Ro-ro / Ferry - sea or river vessel with horizontal method of loading through ramp. Designed for transport of any cargo "on wheels" - cars, trailers, railway waggons etc. Loading and unloading can be via stern, onboard or bow deck. Ferries are passenger and cargo, ro-ro only cargo vessel. Usualy used on fixed routes between two or more ports. DWT up to 60 000 tons.