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Types of trucks

Types and description of trucks trailers

Trailers of trucks

Name Description

Dry van box (titl)

The most widespread type of universal trucks. Loading and unloading is carried out top, side, back. Load 20-25 tonnes, volume 80-90 m3


Semi-trailer with refrigeration unit for transport of perishable goods and requiring certain temperature conditions. Loading and unloading back. Load 20-22 tonnes, volume 75-82 m3

Truck and trailer unit

Truck and trailer unit. Advantage: quick loading and unloading, large storage capacity. Disadvantage: unsuitable for carrying long goods. Load 16-25 tonnes, volume 60-120 m3


Semitrailer of increased capacity. Load 20-22 tonnes, volume 96-110 m3

Containers trailer

Semi-platform for transportation of containers. Load 20-60 tonnes

Flatbed trailer

Open trailer for transportation of goods. Load 20-25 tonnes

Tank trailers

Trailer for carriage of liquid cargoes and liquefied gases. Load 20-22 tonnes, volume 10-40 m3


Truck for transportation of industrial goods, construction materials, loading back, sometimes equipped hydrolift (500kg, 1t). Load 3-10 tons, volume 30-60 m3

Auto hauler

Designed for the transport of cars. Load 10-20 tonnes

Grain trailer

Designed for transportation of grain crops. Load 20-50 tonnes

Dump body trailer

Designed for transportation of bulk cargo. Load 10-40 tonnes

Logging trailer

Designed for the transport of timber and pipe products. Load 10-25 tonnes