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Sea transportation terms and abbreviations

Logistic terminology and abbreviations

Abbreviation Transcript Description
ATA Actual Time of Arrival Actual arrival time, specifies the time when the vehicle (ship, aircraft, etc.) actually arrived at its destination
ATD Actual Time of Departure Actual departure time determines time when the vehicle (ship, airplane, truck, etc.) actually left the place of departure
AWB AirWaybill Air Waybill - transport document accompanying air cargo
MAWB Master AirWaybill Air Waybill number, assigned by airline, as the 3-digit prefix and subsequent figures 8
HAWB House AirWaybill Air Waybill number assigned to cargo agent. Through this number to track goods may only cargo agent system. Home AWB was ancillary to the airlines
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor Fuel surcharge levied sea carriers as a percentage of the freight amount or as a fixed allowance for 1 TEU. This fee depends on the price of crude oil
B/L Bill of Lading Bill of Lading - shipping documents used for maritime and multimodal transport by sea
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor Surcharge levied sea carriers to compensate for currency fluctuations
CSC Container Service Charge Fee for services of the port terminal for transfer of LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments from pier to carrier, and vice versa
C/O Certificate of Origin Document used in international trade to determine country of origin. The term "origin" means the country where goods are produced
Carnet TIR Carnet Transports International Routiers Carnet TIR - customs shipping documents transported in trucks and containers under customs seal of customs administration of country to destination country's customs
CFS Container Freight Station Container Trading Station, container item
CMR Convention relative au Contract de transport international de merchandises par route International waybill. Used in international road transport in framework of Convention on Contract for International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR)
CNEE Consignee Consignee displayed on transport document
CNOR Consignor Consignor displayed on transport document
COC Сarrier’s Оwned Container The container is property of carrier, cost of container use is included in freight
DMR Demurrage Charges levied by carrier / sea line to customer or agent for easy transport over terms originally agreed
CY Container Yard Container terminal
DGR Dangerous Goods Regulations Dangerous Goods Regulations
DIM Dimensions Dimensions of cargo
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival Estimated time when goods are to arrive at destination
ETD Estimated Time of Departure Estimated time when goods are to leave place of departure
EX-1 Export declaration Document that confirms export of goods, produced and sold from European Economic Community (EEC)
FCL Full Container Load Shipping with full container load
FEU Forty foot equivalent Unit 2 TEUs or 40 foot container
FIATA Federation International des Associations de Transitaires et Assimiles International Freight Forwarders Association
ft. Feet Foot — logistics abbreviation, usually used to determine size of container
HQ High Cube 40`HQ container with greater height as compared to standard 40`DC container. In accordance with ISO height of External dimensions of standard container 40`DC is 8 feet (or 2,42m), and container can be 40`HQ or 8 feet 6 inches (2,57m), or 9 feet 6 inches (2, 87m). HQ width and length of the container are the same as in standard
IATA International Air Transport Association Air Transport Association - an international non-governmental organization that brings together national and international air lines
IG In Gauge Term, which means that dimensions of cargo does not exceed amount provided for transport of equipment. It is used when delivering to Flat Racks, platforms, Open Top Containers etc.
INV Commercial Invoice The commercial invoice for goods or services
L/C Letter of Credit Bank letter of credit policy and security of payment, which is usually signed at time of conclusion of contract
LCL Less than Container Load Consolidated transportation, uniting several goods in one container for different clients.
LI Liner In Amount of sea freight including handling terminal cost (THC) in port of loading
LO Liner Out Amount of sea freight including handling terminal cost (THC) in port of discharging
LT Local Time Local time
Manifest Manifest Document describing all cargo on vessel, aircraft, etc.
MV Mother Vessel Large-capacity vessel
n/n nоn-negotiable document The document is not giving right to receive goods (draft)
NVOCC Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier Broker selling space for loading on vessels, which he does not own or control. For example, in LCL shipments where NVOCC broker sells space in containers for consolidated transportation
OOG Out of Gauge Term means that dimensions of cargo exceeds the dimensions of container (height, width, length). Used when sending in Flat Rack, platform, Open Top Containers etc.
OT Open Top 20` or 40` Open Top container
PACK Packing List Document with details information about number of seats, type of packaging and containers, sometimes to place single product or product in shipment
POD Port of Destination Port of discharging
POL Port of Loading Port of Departure
RO/RO Roll-on/Roll-off Type of vessel - ferry, which allows using special ramp to take on board rolling cargo (cars, trucks, trailers, special vehicles)
T/S Transshipment Interim transshipment port that required for delivery of cargo to port of destination
T/T Transit Time Transit time of transportation
T-1 Transit declaration Transit declaration, which must be accompanied by transit through the territories of EU countries are loads of non-European origin
TEU Twenty foot Equivalent Unit 20 feet container. As unit of measurement used to determine place of capacity on container vessel or port facilities
THC Terminal Handling Charge Charged for container terminal berth send to carrier and vice versa
TLC Three-Letter-Code The three-digit airport code